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MM 50-90

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The hammer mill SM- MM 50-90 is a compact equipment with a horizontal axis and free hammers, which

allows the crushing of metallic materials of small size, freeing the plastics and non-ferrous components from the material with which they are incorporated.The end result of the crushing of the carcasses of cars, large appliances (WEEE) and scrap in generally with the hammer mill .MM 50-90 is the Proler (pieces of iron, and other metals, clean and shiny). The maintenance of hammer mills Series SM-MM can be made in a fast way and in complete safety.

Key Features:

  • Corazza and cradle interchangeable.
  • Frame with oversized thickness.
  • Limited transmission of noise and vibration.
  • interchangeable grids.


Main application and treated materials:

  • Tins and aluminum cans.
  • Mixed Material resulting from the grinding of  vehicles.
  • Electrical household appliances / WEEE.


Technical Data
Power: 90 kW
Mouth Power: 960 x 1400 mm
Overall dimensions: 1700x3000x3000
weight: 9000 Kg